Around the Web

  1. Israelis hit the beach. None of the comments I saw paid any tribute to…you’ll see.
  2. James Buchanan on the Chicago School. Thoughts on the school from Virginia.
  3. A Profession with an Egalitarian Core. Economists have confirmation bias.
  4. Why Nations Fail. Acemoglu and Robinson give us an excerpt from their popular book.
  5. Bush’s War (and Part 2). Top-ranking Democrats thought Iraq had WMDs too. Therefore, the Iraq War was…a success? A good idea? A noble cause? Imagine trying to pitch these arguments to specialists (or laymen) in any field, anywhere in the world.
  6. An Ottoman map of Africa from the 17th century.

3 thoughts on “Around the Web

  1. Comment on Brandon’s comment on my Bush’s War 2 : I think the first sentence just shows bad faith. It does not refer to what I said. Got to go. I have unimportant things to do.

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