More on Chinese Culture

The plight of migrant workers (and hints of Chinese nationalism):

If there’s one takeaway lesson from all the migrant worker stories in the news, it’s that they are quite often treated like crap. Nothing has hitherto expressed this more bluntly than one Wuhan toilet.

“Migrant workers prohibited from entering. Offenders fined 200 yuan,” reads the toilet’s bare concrete slab façade in bright red letters.

[…] Snoot city dwellers may love to hate on those lowly migrant workers who clean their streets, prepare their foods, and build their city, but unfortunately institutional discrimination in China does not end there. Foreigners (and dogs) are now at risk of being barred from certain establishments.

Read the rest of the blurb (from Shanghaiist). Readers may recall my most recent musing on culture and nationalism in China. There is more from our blog, on China, here.

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