Sunday Poetry: Gender Equality where it matters? The Scandinavian Unexceptionalism

Deja-Vu! Social Democrats once again bring up the topic of “Democratic Socialism” to cure all of the evils of the world. Once again, the Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Finnland, Denmark and Norway) are used as an example of how “a third way Socialism” can work. Although I still would consider myself young, I have already lost … Continue reading Sunday Poetry: Gender Equality where it matters? The Scandinavian Unexceptionalism

Sunday Poetry: Halal Cookery by the SS

First of all: Happy New Year Peeps! I am trying my best to get some routine in blogging by sticking to this series. However, I do not know if I can still pull it off during the upcoming finals. We will see. This week’s Poetry is less poetic yet very much informative (at least to … Continue reading Sunday Poetry: Halal Cookery by the SS

Sunday Poetry: Junger’s War Observations

Without noticing it, I heavily built my reading schedule this year around of what one might call a “post-liberal reading list”. The idea, that the demise of social institutions might be the inevitable consequence of an ongoing individualization of society struck me as initially convincing. I am currently in search of good examinations on the … Continue reading Sunday Poetry: Junger’s War Observations

Sunday Poetry: Camus about Europe

Albert Camus is the most influential writers to me (See here why). This passage is from his third “Letter to a German Friend” (1944), depicting his unbroken love for European culture in the dark times of the second world war. “Sometimes on a street corner, in the brief intervals of the long struggle that involves … Continue reading Sunday Poetry: Camus about Europe

Sunday Poetry: Adorno about traffic lights

I hate the Frankfurt School. Even more, I hate Theodor W. Adorno. Apart from his atrocious Sociology (I think his philosophy is ridiculous too, but I have not dealt with it in depth yet), he had a very bizarre opinion on Jazz. However, he seemed to be a heavy fan of traffic lights. In 1962 … Continue reading Sunday Poetry: Adorno about traffic lights

Sunday Poetry: Rilke’s “Autumn Day”

It has been a more than stressful week. To indulge in Rilke’s dreamy thoughts is not only a perfect stress-relief but also a chance to reminisce about the most beautiful moments of this autumn. Rainer Maria Rilke – Autumn Day “Lord: it is time. Great was the summer’s feast. Now lay upon the sun-dials your … Continue reading Sunday Poetry: Rilke’s “Autumn Day”

Sunday Poetry: Arthur Schnitzler’s “Dream Story”

Schnitzler’s Masterpiece “Dream Story” for sure is a contender for the best-written dialogues and endings in the history of literature. Nobody manages it to merge dream and reality in such a sophisticated yet subtle way as Schnitzler. And if you are a cinematic enthusiast, Stanley Kubrick’s filming of the novel called “Eyes Wide Shut” is … Continue reading Sunday Poetry: Arthur Schnitzler’s “Dream Story”

Sunday Poetry: Stefan Zweig’s “Royal Game”

A Sunday is perfect for me to cure hangovers, slurp coffee in bed, and most vital, for a couple rounds of chess. The miraculous yet material nature of chess could not have been better described than by Stefan Zweig in his “Royal Game“: “I was well aware from my own experience of the mysterious attraction … Continue reading Sunday Poetry: Stefan Zweig’s “Royal Game”