Libertarians on Climate Change

This post is part of the preliminary results of the NoL Foreign Policy Survey 2017 Pilot. I will be posting results throughout the week as I play around with the data. As always, I strongly emphasize that this is a pilot survey and these are just preliminary results.  Are libertarians climate change deniers? No. The majority … Continue reading Libertarians on Climate Change

“Statogenic” Climate Change?

Is climate change government-made? For some years, I have been saying to my colleagues that climate change is real. Nonetheless, I am not an alarmist and I do not believe that stating that there is a problem is a blank cheque for any policy. Unlike many of my colleagues who believe that climate change is “anthropogenic”, I … Continue reading “Statogenic” Climate Change?

Cultural Adaptation to Climate Change? Requesting Feedback

I am currently working on adaptation to climate change and would appreciate a bit of feedback. I find feedback can be useful, if only to get me out of the ivory tower. A brief background: When addressing climate change the popular idea is to reduce carbon emissions through a carbon tax, cap-and-trade or regulations. However … Continue reading Cultural Adaptation to Climate Change? Requesting Feedback

Climate Change and Flat Earthers

“There has been no universal trend in the overall extent of drought across the Unites States since 1900.” “Trends in severe storms, including the intensity and frequency….are uncertain and being studied intensively.” Both quotes are from the fine lines in the 829-page quadrennial National Climate Assessment. That’s the report Pres. Obama flogged on national television … Continue reading Climate Change and Flat Earthers

Thoughts on climate change

Last week I heard a sermon on climate change (no, it was an actual sermon). I’m roughly agnostic on the existence and degree of climate change, but I err on the side of assuming it is a large problem of externalities with no obvious property rights solution and will have costs. And I think that … Continue reading Thoughts on climate change

Climate Change and the First Amendment

Like nearly everyone in the world, I don’t have the training to judge directly the pronouncements of organizations that affirm that there is: a) Serious temperature rise on a global scale (“global warming”). b) That it is caused by human activity (such as burning fossil fuels or keeping too many belching cattle). c) That human … Continue reading Climate Change and the First Amendment

More Dramatic News on Climate Change

I am giving this link as a small public service. I am trying to do my little bit to counter the media swamping, the totalitarian endeavor by climate change proponents. I perceive the bulk of those proponents as totalitarian because they use various devices to silence their opposition. They are forever declaring the subject of … Continue reading More Dramatic News on Climate Change

Climate Change Worse (No Matter How You Look At It)

In some places, it’s much warmer than usual. That’s so many instances of climate change, of course. I some places, it’s much colder than usual. That’s also evidence of climate change. Good technical article in the Wall Street Journal of  5/8/13  to remind us that  CO2 is plant food. The more CO2 the more plants, … Continue reading Climate Change Worse (No Matter How You Look At It)

From the Comments: The Climate Change Cult

I reread your paragraph, Travis: “I can see Delacroix’s point that a few un-peer-reviewed sources make one question what other sources are also un-reviewed, but it seems absurd to me to throw out all the information in all of the chapters of the IPCC report because it contains one un-peer-reviewed source. The chapter-leads who ultimately … Continue reading From the Comments: The Climate Change Cult

From the Comments: Climate Change Advocates and Religion

Jacques Delacroix has a thoughtful response to an equally thoughtful comment by a climate scientist (full disclosure: the climate scientist is also a childhood friend of mine and a fairly decent man; I say “fairly decent” because he sometimes associated with people like me!) in his post on the peer review process. I thought I’d … Continue reading From the Comments: Climate Change Advocates and Religion

Climate crisis or censorship crisis?

Yesterday, the Chair of the U.S. House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis wrote an ominous letter to the CEO of Google. For the second time, the Chair is leaning on Google to police and remove “dangerous climate misinformation” on YouTube. The letter doesn’t threaten direct legal action against Google, but it nonetheless raises serious … Continue reading Climate crisis or censorship crisis?

Towards a Free-Market Global Climate Treaty

An article in the 19 March 2014 “NewScientist” featured Catherine Brahic’s interview of Christiana Figueres, executive secretary of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change. She is leading a project to create a Global Climate Treaty in December 2015. A draft agreement is scheduled to be delivered to all country governments in May 2015. A … Continue reading Towards a Free-Market Global Climate Treaty

You’re Not Worth My Time

In our polarized and politically intolerant times, intellectuals worry about the divisions in our societies. You might call it inequality or absence of social mobility, racism or rigid social structures but all pundits seem to agree that despite our apparent cosmopolitanism, many people’s opinions on lifestyles, politics, or economics are diverging. More so, their opinions … Continue reading You’re Not Worth My Time