Campaign life

I’m working on (not with) a state assembly campaign right now, traveling, meeting people, grinding. Two months ago, post-graduation from Chico State, I roadtripped to Portland and Seattle and above, burned out the last of my apartment lease — fighting one last Waterloo against a bedbug armada, dipped to San Jose, said why not and flew to Greece and Italy (just to strangle the guy directing the Suspiria remake), stayed in Athens, Mytilini, Eressos, Corinth, Olympia, had a disaster flight into Sicily, finished in Rome and returned to Silicon Valley, slept two nights and drove to Santa Barbara … got a call “Hey, can you be in Wisconsin on Monday?” … slept a night and drove back to San Jose, American Airlines’d to Green Bay and beat my feet for two weeks of calluses and drove to the swamp, YALCON for four days in Virginia, drove back and now it’s back to knocking doors until the mist rolls in.

Travel is fun. Campaigns are fast. Ringing doorbells in humid Wisconsin is the opposite of tutoring logic in an air-conditioned Californian college. I majored in political science and philosophy, and learned more about philosophy from reading independently than studying in university. I learned more about American politics from listening to Non Phixion than listening to a professor. And now, amidst all the blood, sweat, tears, pus and cum that go into a political campaign, I can learn more about how politicians win, and how power gets distributed, than generalizations about voting patterns, polls and platforms. Life is a lot of fun — sterile dreams of grad school seem very distant, if only for the moment. Redbull and protein bars look and taste and feel much closer. Greetings from the road!

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