Free Speech Ball at Chico

Our Chico State Young Americans for Liberty chapter just hosted our first Free Speech Ball, rolling around a massive beach ball with the Constitutional protection to write whatever comes to mind in the middle of the day on campus. Here’s the write-up I did for the YAL blog. I might also add, the level of engagement on campus was completely unexpected for me. Some news outlets have stated the free speech problem at universities is overstated; others, that it’s getting worse. Wherever you bring the ball, though, there might be a few extreme opponents, but the great majority of students are excited to see a giant gaudy ball with the words “Trump sucks cock” on it and are equally excited for their opportunity to write an opinion on campus outside the constraints of 12-point MLA. Liberty is awesome.

22491980_10210932908824016_6310097879878755335_n (1).jpg

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